What is merchandising and why is it necessary?

Merchandising is not just an arrangement of the goods on the shelves,merchandising is the art to present a particular product in the most attractive way and to be kept constantly in a good appearance aiming to be not only competitive but a leader in a particular product category. Carried out professionally, merchandising plays a key role in the buying process and should be part of a constant strategy, not just occasional actions.



What are the market trends?

  • Continuously increase in the market share of the retail chains (national and local) in the FMCG market
  • Increasing number of brands (products) in each product group
  • Continuous struggle for a niche in the market and a better face on the shelf
  • Increased marketing budget requirements by the retail chains and increased difficulties for their effective implementation
  • Increasing importance of the activities at the point of sale - SALES MARKETING
  • Your product is often missing on the shelf – the place where it should be!
  • Increased trade discounts for the retail chains, reducing the company's profitability and limiting the resources for the brand's communication mix

Is all this important and why?
What you do not sell today will not catch up tomorrow!!!

The first and necessary condition for the sale of a product is the user to see it and get to it!

Due to the continuous activities at the points of sale, the share of impulsive purchases of FMCG goods is constantly increasing. This means that if your product is NOT in it place, the user will immediately replace it with a competitor’s one.


What does our merchandising portfolio include?

Tracking the commodity stocks

  • Maintain optimal availability on the shelf;
  • Maintain optimal availability in the warehouse of the retail site;
  • Tracking for delisted and blocked items by affiliates;
  • Minimize the OUT OF STOCK

Keeping a good shelf facing

  • Arrangement of the goods on the shelf;
  • Keeping track of the good commercial appearance of the items;
  • Tracking the positioning of the items by planogram or the number of listed faces in the retail chain;
  • Expanding the number of faces of the items if such a possibility exists;
  • Tracking the labeling (proper labeling) of the products offered by the company;
  • Tracking the positioning of the goods at agreed second points of sale;

Assistance in making a request

  • Tracking the conversion rate of the various items;
  • Providing information to employees of the retail chain;
  • Requirement about the submission and execution of the requests of the commercial chains which use a central warehouse;


Tracking the expiration dates of the products 

  • Tracking for a product with expired date;
  • Tracking for First In - First Out product in the warehouse of the shop;
  • Track First In - First Out product on the store shelf;
  • Advising the retail chain employees on the issue of price promotions with the purpose of selling stagnant goods to minimize the number of products with expired date;
  • Information on a weekly basis on the status of the merchandising by trade chains / by sites / according to the criteria under which a Merchandising Communication System is performed.

How will we meet your needs?

• We will take care of the good positioning of your product on the shelf, we will minimize the lost sales and OUT OF SHELF, we will increase the spontaneous purchases compared to the competition;
• We will optimize the efficient management of your orders and inventory;
Through presence of your products in the right place, in the right way, 100% of the time;


We from Global Marketing work individually according to your needs such as:

  • We make a presentation of the possibilities of our activity;
  • We analyze your needs and requirements;
  • We investigate the market situation in the product group;
  • We prepare an individual working offer;
  • We negotiate individually;
  • And this is just the beginning of Our Fruitful Cooperation;


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