Promotional activities

Promotional activities

What is modern trade and promotion?

According to data from leading marketing market research agencies, in 2015 the modern commerce holds 55% of the fast-moving sector in Bulgaria and about 45% of the country's income is spent on food and beverages. Overall, the fast-moving market is growing at a moderate pace and modern commerce (national and local) is gaining a steady share.


The marketing surveys (including those done by Global Marketing Ltd.) show that nearly 70% of the purchasing decisions are taken directly at the point of sale;

The fast, efficient and secure way to increase the sales for a particular period in a particular commodity group is the sale promotion;


Presentation / degustation is also the easiest way to introduce unfamiliar products to end users, to provide new customers, to encourage first and subsequent purchases;

In the "advertising noise", the user is increasingly overwhelmed and confused by the information, so he needs to be encouraged to make a buying  decision;

Is the perception that the best product always overcomes is true?

And which is it? Is there a company that says its products are not worth it?

The experience shows that customers are buying what they are currently offered, what they are advised and and they are trying at the moment, that is, what they find easily!


Coverage in the retail chains and promotional merchandising

With its professional team of supervisors, merchandisers and promoters in 37 cities in the country with built competencies and working relationships on the modern market, "Global Marketing" knows the mechanism and the methodology of work very well as well as the strengths and weaknesses in the different sites, the dangers and opportunities;
We precisely prepare our promotional activities, including checking stocks, positioning the items, labeling properly, negotiating supplies, negotiating additional positions for the promotion period, organizing and controlling the presentation / degustation;


We often combine the promotion with organizing consumer surveys and conducting a marketing survey focused on the target group of the brand.


And the results are:

   - Effective promotion;

   - Minimizing the Out Of Stock products;

   - Adequate positioning of the promotional items;

   - Adequate labeling of promotional items;

   - Additional exposure of promotional items;

   - Timely positioning of the advertising and promotional materials;

   - Opportunity to report the number of respondents and sales during the promotional activity period;

   - Survey and processing information from the end users according to specified criteria;


Here is the action plan we use:

We prepare a preliminary project based on our "brief" information; we prepare a presentation about our opportunities and activities, customised to your needs; we prepare an example offer; we prepare an "Action Plan" to turn the set goals into reality; we will negotiate with you all the details and so our Reliable Cooperation Starts;


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